Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Brief: 'This Way Up'

This is the first of several creative collaborations between staff and students of the BA(Hons) Illustration at NMIT Melbourne and BA(Hons) Illustration with Animation at Manchester Metropolitan University. It follows initial visits and discussions by NMIT and MMU staff members to each other's institutions and the identification of a number of possible collaborative ventures.

The contemporary graphic designer or illustrator can be expected to operate within a highly networked international milieu, contributing to and nourished by global cultural perspectives. They are as likely to receive commissions at a distance, sometimes a long distance, as from local clients. Consequently they need to develop strategies for thriving in this global context. This includes use of communication technology but also the development of collaborative skills and pro-active critical engagement with professional peers. This project is intended to start a conversation, through visual practice, between two groups of illustrators and to provide one starting point for collaboration and creative critial discourse at a distance.


Online display of illustrations and mutual critical commentary/ feedback from staff and participating students.
Selected A2 Portrait format printouts to be exhibited in the 'receiving' partner institution.
Documentation of the respective exhibitions to be uploaded for viewing and online critique by participants.

The Theme: 'This Way Up'

Although somewhat whimsical and arising from the axial relationship of the participating groups the theme can be interpreted in any way you like, according to your interests The work may take its cue from formal experimentation, palindrome, geopolitical comment, logistics, narrative, typographic etc. etc. Above all have fun -this is an opportunity for the playful exploration of exciting possibilities.

Submission format: PDF

Start Date: May
Duration: 3 Weeks
Submission Deadline: June